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  • Nov 30
  • Online Shopping
  • Star Lake, New York
  • T-Shirt
  • 24

I was trying to buy a t-shirt and the site not log on in my account, then i tried to reset my password, when I tried the site said to give some information, like, my name, last name, number, and reset my password, after it says has a error! then I ask help in the chat, and they didn`t have solution and said to back in 1 hour! and also i asked about the promotions, and they doesn`t know anything,... Read more

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I placed an order a month ago still haven't gotten it. They say I can't cancel due to processing. They tried to say my card declined but it would have declined from the door. The money was on hold so save it. I am so frustrated it is unbelievable. And still nothing Add comment

  • Nov 17
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Howell, Michigan
  • Hoodie
  • 39

Placed on order online, the money was taken from my account. The order mysteriously cancelled. Called 4 times to resolve, not one rep. knew what to do. Cannot replace the items ordered because they did not have them to begin with!!!! False advertising!!!! Now have to wait 3-5 business days (Not including weekends) to receive a refund on my account. Could not get through to a supervisor because... Read more

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I would like to complain about Hollister's choice of employees. The gorgeous star football player at my school did not get a call back from Hollister after his interview yet this ugly spoiled annoying obnoxious stuck up horse faced girl got a job there. I really don't understand. Add comment

  • Oct 20
  • Customer Service
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Rude Sales Associates
  • 1
  • 1
  • 61

Nothing happened. EXCEPT the sales associates were rude, arrogant. No one spoke to me no one assisted me with a purchase why would I EVER spend money in an establishment whose own employees don't know the words GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. 4 employees working not one hello and not even a goodbye come back. I will speak out against them to anyone who will listen. I am not the first HORRIFIC review and I... Read more

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Hollister store in Broadway mall located in Hicksville NY. I've been there many times in the past and the staff was friendly and polite but the last 6 months, I've Seen new People working there. They are very rude, helpless, unfriendly....etc. Not even a thank you and they giving dirty looks. In happened a few times . Never going back again. Add comment

all jeans that I have purchased from HOLLISTER co. get baggy, they barely last a full season. very disappointed, for the price that they are, they should get you through a few seasons. Add comment

  • Sep 21
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Employee Attitude
  • 2
  • 2
  • 131

I am very upset at how my daughter and her friend were treated at the Hollister store in Little Rock yesterday! First of all, the worker made my daughter give up her dressing room that she was using for another customer! I have never seen such behavior! To top it off, after my daughters friend paid for her purchases and turned to leave the same worker let out a loud sigh as if to say he hated... Read more

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How you left a 5.7lb box outside if it mean to be a address even its said aign not require you should drop outside of the apartment not outside of the building door that so ridicolous who the *** is goinng to pay my money back aint ever ordering anything from holister Add comment

  • Sep 08
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • London, England
  • Shirt Refund
  • 60

Two experiences from the Belfast, UK store. First was very rude staff, practically snapped the items from the items from my hands, no greeting etc, then when it came to giving me change, the girl that was serving me gave my a foreign note, of 5GBP and simply said, you'll have to change that as no other store would accept the money she gave me. I was out shopping, I didn't want to have to run... Read more

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